Ciao, I'm Paolo!

Since 2008 I have helped Brands & Companies Shine Digitally

It's Me!

With a robust journey spanning over 15 years as an independent entrepreneur in the IT and Advertising realms, I've mastered the art of leading international teams across Asia and Europe.

My collaborations have included iconic brands such as Puma, Crocs, Ferragamo, Shiseido, FCA Group, Ferrari, F1, and esteemed agencies like OpenInfluence, GushCloud, EmpireEntertainment Tokyo, FCA, DropTokyo, and KeyPartner.

What I do best!

Regardless of your goals or industry, I possess the expertise to demystify complex, cross-device applications, covering everything from UI/UX design to frontend integration.

Data Manipulation: Skilled in managing and integrating data using JavaScript along with modern libraries and frameworks like Angular and React. Proficient in utilizing APIs to fetch, display, and manipulate data dynamically on web pages, ensuring seamless user experiences.

Authentication: Experienced in implementing secure authentication systems using JavaScript along with modern libraries and frameworks like OAuth, JWT, third-party authentication services and session management to protect user data and enhance application security.

Responsive Design: Proficient in creating visually appealing, responsive interfaces using CSS, Flexbox, and Grid. Ensures consistent and accessible user experiences across various devices and screen sizes.

Performance Optimization: Committed to developing efficient, fast-loading web applications. Proficient in optimizing front-end assets and code, leveraging techniques such as lazy loading, code splitting, and effective use of caching.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Expert in ensuring that web applications operate consistently across all major browsers through meticulous testing and debugging.

Version Control: Experienced in using Git for version control to manage code changes and collaborate with team members efficiently, ensuring smooth deployment processes and minimizing conflicts.

This includes areas such as authentication and data manipulation, all of which I have successfully implemented for companies like Telsy, Dr. Automotive, PayBack, and Tour Booking.

Why should You hire Me?

If you're in search of a traditional employee, I might not fit the bill. What I offer is a fusion of creativity, seasoned experience, and cultural fluency that goes beyond the norm.

I'm deeply confident in technologies such as Angular, React, Typescript, Javascript, and UI styling frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind.

Beyond excelling in business development for over 15 years, my expertise also extends to developing sophisticated dashboards and web applications with a strong proficiency in integrating and managing REST APIs to enhance application functionality and user experience.

I'm eager to contribute to your company by offering a distinctive perspective to your team and ready to align my broad skill set with your vision, enhancing our collective success.

Ready to connect?

If you're pondering reaching out, I trust my profile has offered a clear understanding of who I am and my expertise.

Let's explore how we can create something extraordinary together.